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Ty Eschenbaum


and promise of hope

to those who need it most


The Ty Eschenbaum Foundation was founded in 2011 and has grown and impacted lives in many ways ever since. From its  inception, Ty has granted scholarships to youth cancer survivors, following his own battle with, and victory over, leukemia and dozens of complications in the years following. Years later, after the sudden loss of the love of his life, Autumn, the foundation began supporting Make-A-Wish kids in her memory, as children were her passion. When Ty's brother, Calder, left us tragically in 2021, the third pillar of the foundation was established- supporting missionary causes in honor of his strong faith and inspiring work ethic. 


Our goal is to be a beacon of light and bring a promise of hope to those who need it most- walking by faith through this life we have been given, serving and supporting others through their own difficult journeys. 


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Ty's Story

Ty looked forward to coming back to school his sophomore year, being the quarterback, the point guard, and just getting to enjoy being a kid. What started as abnormal fatigue and a routine checkup resulted in a diagnosis no one wants or expects to hear. Leukemia. You hear about cancer, you most likely know someone who has battled it, but it was numbing for Ty to be told it was now his time to fight it.

Ty’s family farm was a huge part of his family’s life, the toll he could feel it was taking on the ones who surrounded him, the ones that he loved was heavy. As his older brother stepped up to care for the farm- Ty decided when, not if, he beat this, he would find a way to give back to his family and other families affected by childhood cancer.


In 2011, the Ty Eschenbaum Foundation was created to support youth cancer survivors and their families and has continued to do so for over a decade. When Ty met the love of his life, Autumn, he found someone who shared his passions of giving back and children.  


“This is what it’s supposed to be like. Things were perfect.”


Autumn passed away in the spring of 2019, unexpectedly. Her spirit and light continued to shine through the pain of Ty and Autumn’s friends and family. Through the foundation and Autumn’s memorial, Eschenbaum is adopting a Make-a-Wish family every year in Autumn’s honor, for… forever.


Tragedy struck again in the fall of 2021, when Ty’s younger brother Calder, whom he was very close with, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 28.  Calder’s deep rooted faith and outspoken passion for living life with purpose, intention, and a focus on what really matters has prompted the Eschenbaum family to establish an endowment within the Foundation to perpetually support missionary work and spreading God’s promise to all people.


Ever since he was in high school, Ty has always shared his message of hope, faith, and getting back-up each time that life knocks you down.    His speeches have taken him to schools, churches, and youth events across the State of SD and across the country.    Ty has an unwavering attitude, passion for life, and belief that each one of us has a divine responsibility to use our God given talents to help one another throughout our life’s journey. To Earn The Gift.

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